FRACT Tactical is a self defence programme designed with a simple premise, "survive and go home". FRACT has an insanely easy to learn set of techniques and has a unique single platform of delivery for empty hand, weapons and firearm. In this way it really stands out from the crowd.



  fast, fluid and functional

FRACT Tactical Fight System is an approach like no other, delivering a single platform on which to deliver all empty hand self defence and weapons skills. This is incredibly important, so that in a time of extreme pressure when your survival or someone you are responsible for is in need you can act with extreme confidence and a singular focus. FRACT Tactical delivers this through a simple platform from which all actions are delivered.

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FRACT Tactical Firearms offers a very special service for those that want to really master the Dynamic Firearms skill set. Our focus is on urban survival and close quarter tactics.  Training is in small groups with serving military personal, the focus is on excellence and real world functionality, you will learn proven applications and how to transition from firearm to empty hand using the FRACT Tactical Fight System platform.

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Seminars & 121's

self defence seminars - FRACT Tactical - Guy Bloom

Seminars and 121 Training are a great way to get a real insight into the FRACT Tactical Fight System.

  • Seminars will take your club/team to a completely different level of insight and competence
  • 121 Training with Head Coach Guy Bloom will catapult your abilities, connect you to new learning and demonstrate credibility

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