Guy Bloom-Head Coach-FRACT Tactcial

Guy Bloom, Head Coach

Guy is the Head Coach and Creator of FRACT Tactical, he is a myth buster, his skill comes from 3 decades of teaching and breaking what doesn’t work. FRACT Tactical was designed by Guy to create a single platform for empty hand and weapons.

Columnist and Self Defence Technical Editor for the the UK’s largest martial arts magazine MAI, 4x Hall of Famer, also a master wing chun instructor (first person from the UK to train with Grandmaster Ip Ching); Muay Thai coach, Master Behavioural Coach, Psychometric Assessor and performance consultant on leadership to many well known international brands. Guy is a game changer.

Matt Crunden-Elite Coach-FRACT Tactical

Matt, Elite Coach

Matt Crunden is an Elite level coach within the FRACT Tactical organisation. He has been involved in the Martial Arts for many years having initially studied Wado Ryu Karate, then moving to Lau Gar Kung Fu in which he holds a Black Belt.

Matt has been at the heart of FRACT Tactical from the very beginning and is the trusted counsel, if Matt thinks it is a stupid idea then it doesn't happen.

"This thing about FRACT Tactical is that it doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but what it does do is challenge you to break it and then challenge you break what you are doing”

Darren Le Fevre-Advanced Foundation Coach-FRACT Tactical

Darren Le Fevre, Foundation Coach, Advanced Level 3

Darren is a powerhouse of self defence knowledge and know how, he has trained most of his life and it tells! He is the Head of the Haganah system in the UK, a 5th Dan, Martial Arts Illustrated magazine Hall of Famer.

Darren will break it down and tell you how it is and that is the embodiment of the FRACT Tactical approach, to debunk the myths, test what you know and see what is left. Training with Darren means you will be left under no illusions as to what will and will not work.

"FRACT Tactical answers some of the questions that other systems don’t and that’s what I am looking for, the stuff that actually works"

He who cannot be named

He who cannot be named, Security

FRACT Tactical's ace in the hole when it comes to the everyday reality of the pavement arena, he has quite literally been there, done it and has the t-shirt. (When Chuck Norris goes to bed, it’s him he is checking the cupboard for).

He heads one of the most respected security companies in the West End of London with many celebrity clients under his personal protection. He forged his name in some of the most notorious clubs that London had to offer and is known for his unbending spirit.

A martial artis with expertise in his own right Goju, Ryu, Kali, MMA, Thai Boxing, Judo and Savate, believe me he knows his stuff. He is currently immersing himself in the FRACT Tactical system.

"FRACT shocked me, I've been there done it, go the t-shirt and this made more sense than just about anything else I'd learned. You want common sense....this is it"