Firearms Training-Dynamic Shooting

Darren Le Fevre

Pistol & Carbine-Introduction to Dynamic Shooting

It all starts here. First things first we need to get you safe and familiar with the weapons platforms that you are most likely to come across in a self defence scenario. This 2 day programme will take you though the fundamentals of pistol and carbine. This will see you start right at the beginning taking you through the realities of handling weapons and teaching you the basics that one would expect a self defence coach to understand and have experienced. [This does not include your flights, hotel or food]


Morris Young

Pistol & Carbine-Foundation Dynamic Shooting

So you already have a grasp of the fundamentals and can prove that you have had range time or you have done the Weapons Familiarisation. Foundation Pistol & Carbine (Static) is about getting you to a level solid level competence that though only the start of a journey will ensure that you are set up to succeed. You will drill the mechanics of pistol and/or Carbine to a level that means you will have the knowledge to progress onto the Dynamic and Tactical levels and to demonstrate a level of competence that demonstrates solid skills. [This does not include your flights, hotel or food]


Pistol & Carbine-Advanced Dynamic Shooting

This is the next level, you are familiar with the firearms, competent in the basics of ‘control and fire’ now we take you to another level, where you start to move and combine your knowledge in dynamic movement that requires solid understanding of the complex motor skills that will allow you to manoeuvre, control and be accurate. Advanced sets you apart from the everyday understanding of ‘I know how to shoot’ and demonstrates that you are a knowledgeable professional. [This does not include your flights, hotel or food]