I don’t often do seminars, mainly due to:

Seminar 1: Introduction to FRACT Tactical
In this seminar we will debunk the myths that will get you killed: This session alone will be a game changer:

  • Work through the FRACT Tactical Continuous Threat Assessment Protocols:
  • Detect, (Deter, Defuse, Disengage), Defend, Don’t Die
  • Understand the principles of Capable, Competent & Core Techniques
  • How people actually attack you
  • The difference and overlap in Resource and Process predators
  • Methods of attack used by predators: Charm vs. Blitz
  • Why it is always a knife even when it is a fist!
  • We will also learn and practise the Arrow position: One technical approach that will handle any primary attack

Seminar 2: Pistol & Knife
Think you know everything there is to know about knives and guns in self defence? This seminar will introduce you to the FRACT Tactical X4 method, if you are new to self defence then this will be the foundation for how you look at everything, if you are an old hand, this will challenge everything. Guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows as your boundaries are pushed and to shift your abilities to a realistic platform.

Seminar 3: Customised to your club
Simply put, you tell me what you want to cover. Want to examine what you already know, challenge what I know, try to break what I am showing you, focus on a particular skill set, review skills and set individuals personal challenges. The only prerequisite is that Seminar 1 has been run first so there is a platform of understanding.

Seminar 4: Ladies ONLY
Ladies have a different need to men. The ‘reality’ in Reality Based Self Defence is quite different for women, the mindset is different, the physical issues are different, the reality of being out gunned is different. this is a no nonsense seminar that will completely demystify and create a level of confidence that will be based an understanding of real life self defence applications. will also look at the different types of predators, defending against edged waepons, triggers for defence and the decision making process that needs to be gone through in order to react with positive application as opposed to hesitation.

  • Time - I don’t have a lot spare
  • Cost - I don’t do it for beans

I’d love to do a seminar for you, however you have to know that the way the seminars work is to challenge everything that everyone (including me) thinks works, so if you can’t bare the thought of having everyone in the room try to break everything you have taught them, then best not get me down to your place.

However if you want a day where everyone leaves having:

  • Laughed their asses off
  • Challenged themselves like never before
  • Busted myths
  • Learned genuinely effective technique
  • Respecting you for having brought me in

Then this is great way to achieve that.

  • I charge £350 for me to run a seminar plus expenses (Petrol + Hotel if required the night before, happy to sleep at yours)

The organiser gets:

  • A private session with me
  • Photographs for your club
  • Posters for you to print and use to promote
  • I will promote on my web site and Facebook
  • I will also submit a seminar review to Martial Arts Illustrated*

*(This is no guarantee of going to print, this is at the discretion of MAI)

Timing & Details?

  • 4 hours 'ish, times to suit you
  • Private for you at end
  • Hand outs
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Photos